Bitchcraft Fair's Virtual Marketplace

Short of teleportation to the live fair, we are building a truly immersive shopping & selling experience for our community. We want to simulate a live gathering & zoom spells doom for our vibe, so this is unlike any virtual event you’re likely to participate in! Here’s crystal ball’s glimpse of our vision:

interactive SHOPPING MAP

To feel more unified & creative, we are creating a spooky fictional setting for the purposes of our Hunt-A-Witch game and shopping! This will feature a map of different brick and mortar shops, where your items will be displayed and sold depending on several categories – handmade, ritual tools/gems, tarot readings, etc.

each shop at the top

We will pause our livestream incrementally to encourage shopping by featuring a new store. During these breaks, our merchant page will refresh so a new store floats to the top of the page during the interactive shopping experience. This gives every item equal exposure and visibility. It also feels more like an afternoon out shopping with your coven, and less like browsing alone on Etsy.

booths listed items

This isn’t quite like organizing a booth at a fair because YOU choose a handful of items you feel best represent your shop, and we sort them into our spooky stores. For example, “Luna & Solara Insights & Illuminations” is where we’ll feature all mediums/tarot/etc. During the livestream pause when this store has prime visibility, our shoppers can purchase readings directly from you, visit and even subscribe to your site!

Virtual Store Demo

To better visualize our virtual marketplace, see our sample store, “Magic By Hand”. All listings, logos & makers are purely fictional examples. Keep scrolling for more details, the fine print & application!

Dare to join us, fellow creatrix?

Before we unveil the application, let’s further unravel the method of our madness. We do have a few requirements you should be aware of before you apply…

online store/etsy

Each item will link right back to YOUR listing. We aren’t picky – your own website, Etsy, Amazon, etc. Make sure you’re fully stocked, and be prepared with plenty of packing tape! This does not necessarily apply to Tarot readers/mediums, more details below.

stellar product shots

You’ll want to have these photos prepared by the time you submit an application, preferably with a listing page already set up and ready to go! Get glam with it & your sales will thrive!

vibe with us

We obviously love handmade items (textiles, prints, pottery, jewelry, you name it) preferably with spooky or spiritual themes. Soaps & candles will be sorted into our Apothecary, and Pagan goods, ritual tools & gemstones are also welcome. We’re excited to feature Tarot readers & mediums, too!

to apply, be prepared with the following...

1. a link to an existing listing with a product shot

2. a logo with transparent background, if applicable, and you’ll get a sponsor feature

3. consider adding our discount code to boost your listing to the top


candy corn ceramic skull mug

$40.00 $32.00 WITH DISCOUNT CODE


ready to mystify tens of thousands of eyes?

You control the pricing and the quantity of your items. We don’t ask for a percentage of sales or commission, list for one base price – our minimum is a fraction of a booth!

Purchase no later than October 1, but don’t delay as shops will fill up quickly!

single ITEM listing

& year-round shop feature


One listing, admission to Creatrix Carnivale sold separately. Listing remains accessible through Halloween. Doubles as a sponsorship, so your shop’s logo & website will stay active on our site year-round!

reader listing

& year-round shop feature


For tarot readers/mediums, admission to Creatrix Carnivale sold separately. Listing active only during hours of the event for security & appointment booking purposes, but this doubles as a sponsorship so your logo & website will stay active on our site year-round!


& year-round shop feature boost


Up to 4 listings, admission to Creatrix Carnivale included. Listings remain accessible through Halloween. Doubles as a sponsorship, so your shop’s logo & website will stay active on our site year-round. More listings purchased = larger logo, closer to the top!

up to 10 listings

& year-round shop feature boost


Up to 10 listings, admission to Creatrix Carnivale included. Listing remains accessible on our website through Halloween. Doubles as a sponsorship, so your shop’s logo & website will stay active on our site year-round. More listings purchased = larger logo, closer to the top!

Readers & Medium, Read on! your listing will work a little differently...

The demo page is still applicable to your experience, but you have the added benefit of choosing how you would like to read for your clients!

easy & early bird bookings

Do you have an account on, or another website where clients can book a session? If so, we can list this page directly. If not, we highly recommend you open a free appointment booking account ( is a great option). We even give our first 100 registrants early bird access to book their reader sessions in advance so they don’t miss out! 

flexible reading “environment”

You can choose how you’d like to interact with your client. Do you prefer a phone, Zoom or Skype call? Be sure to state these terms very clearly so your clients know what to expect. We ask that you be prepared by testing out your chosen method in advance, and communicative so attendees know what to expect!

you set the terms of purchase

Decide how much you’ll charge per reading, how long your sessions are, and which electronic payment methods you use. We recommend collecting payment in advance and perhaps allotting a bit of extra time during your reading to make sure the funds are in your account, or you receive a receipt/confirmation of sale.

dearly departed? don't ghost us - keep in touch!


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