Bitchcraft Fair Presents The First Virtual

Saturday, October 23 2021

Come one, come all: magick Makers, fortune tellers & Collective Dreamers

Social distancing, Solitary Witch? Or perhaps longing for your Coven, but your broom can’t reach one of Bitchcraft Fair‘s in-person gatherings in time?


We’re excited to manifest an alternative live, virtual event on Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 1pm-5pm EST. Admission even includes a special mail delivery with all the tricks & treats required to teleport you to the real event! Begone, foul FOMO!

what's all included in admission? oh, an abundance!
hold onto your hats, witches...

Magickal Marketplace

Shop hundreds of Makers & Mystics by strolling through our virtual Marketplace! As if you were touring a Halloween-themed brick & mortar village, hour by hour new items will be featured in shops such as our Apothecary, Gem Emporium, Dark Galleria, etc.

bitchcraft fair bundle by mail

Think of it as trick-or-treating by post, our ravens will deposit your very own acceptance letter from Hagwarts School of Bitchcraft & Heathenry. The envelope will contain the full socially distanced Bitchcraft Fair experience, plus many additional delights!

We all Scream for Livestreams

Footage from the live gatherings featuring exclusive interviews by inspiring guest speakers, tarot readings, wandmaking & potions workshops, a ghost walk tour, and even more content to experience with the collective from the comfort of your hearth.

our bitchcraft fair bundle By Mail Includes...

acceptance letter & event guide

new! “Hunt-a-witch” murder mystery game

adopt-a-familiar results & talisman

wandmaking supplies

witches brew recipe

fear of Missing Out? What a bunch of hocus pocus. this is a bitchcraft fair bundle delivered right to your doorstep in time for the virtual event.

open sesame! a Closer glimpse at what's inside...


Hunt-A-Witch is an interactive deep dive into a fictional crime case. You'll receive all the clues & case files needed to solve the murder. The suspect in custody was accused of practicing witchcraft to orchestrate the crime - if she's innocent, will you be able to clear her name?

adopt a familiar

Upon registering for the event, you have the option of taking the Adopt-A-Familiar assessment to discover which animal best represents your soul. You'll receive a small keepsake of your Familiar, along with insightful personality assessment results.


We will supply the main tools required to create your very own stunning wand! Tune into our livestream at the event for the workshop, and join a worldwide crafting circle right from your own home.

witches brew

For us 21+ crones, you'll procure the secret recipe for our Witches Brew. Gather the ingredients and join us for a live potions class. At the end, share in a toast around the globe for good fortune in the coming season.

admission to the carnavale unlocks the livestream of your wildest dreams.
you'll be at bitchcraft fair in spirit, in addition to lots of unique & exclusive content!

the day of the virtual event will feature...


an online marketplace with

hundreds of makers & mystics


creative & informative workshops, crafts & potion brewing


footage & interviews from

the spellbinding bitchcraft fair


live tarot readings, ghost tour

& more to be announced!

covid-19 couldn't burn us, so you might as well join us live, too

Why not both? If you attend a Bitchcraft Fair live gathering, you’ll receive $5 off admission for Creatrix Carnivale! 

Want to know more? Explore Bitchcraft Fair‘s home on the worldwide spiderweb. But beware, you may become ensnared.

pittsburgh, september 19 2021

louisville, october 17 2021

dearly departed? don't ghost us - keep in touch!


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